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Our co-founders Ted Turner and George W. McKerrow imagined a restaurant where friends and family could sit down to an experience founded on the ideals that have made our country great. Where important ingredients like simplicity, honesty and authenticity would create classic American dishes.

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Protect & Nourish These Ideals

We’ve re-introduced bison to America’s table and in doing so created a market for this protein-rich, nutrient-dense meat. Bison is the cornerstone of our menu and we are proud to serve more bison than any other restaurant in the world.

We take great pride in ensuring all guests receive a warm and memorable experience leaving them feeling better than when they came in. From a bowl of half sours to our two-dollar bills, we empower each team member to deliver Big Sky Moments in ways that are natural and effortless to Ted’s and our guests.

Our restaurants represent classic saloons of the 19th century where cattlemen and land barons found a little relaxation after a hard day’s work.

We believe in leaving a better world for future generations. You’ll see this in our commitment to local growers, the paper straws, the Boraxo soap in our restrooms and sustainable choices in our kitchen operations.


Nothing is more authentically american than bison.

Bison is the new health food. as demand continues to grow, so has the awareness that bison is better for you than other proteins. another great reason to order it from our menu is the tremendous flavor.


Bison is higher in iron and protein than any other meat, making it one of the healthiest diet choices you can make.


Rich, tender, mildly sweeter than beef and never gamey. That’s the remarkable taste profile of bison, making it ideal for everything from burgers to steaks.


Bison is the leanest protein you can find including beef, pork, chicken and salmon.


Bison are processed as little as possible. They are never subjected to hormones or steroids.


As a responsible company faithful to our environmental stance and a friend in our communities, there are a host of sustainability practices ingrained in the foods we serve.

LOCALLY SOURCED PRODUCEWe source from local farms as often as possible.

Food waste preventionSmall batches throughout the day reduce the amount of waste we create.

Supply ChainWe selected 5 distribution centers strategically located to limit the number of miles required to transport food.

No antibioticsOur chicken and bison are free of antibiotics and added hormones.

Annual Food Waste in Full Service Restaurants: 3-4%
Annual Food Waste at Ted's: 1.62%

Click to download a PDF of our full “Sustainability Story”